Holeshot Family Racing Gear Core

Every single item that I carry on our site is something that my family would wear. All of our tshirts are put through the test . My dad wears overalls every day and if a tshirt can make it through the excessive rubbing of straps & through my 3 year old… well being a 3 year old then to me it passes that test. Yes we may own a small business but myself and my husband work regular jobs and have normal salaries, we understand what it’s like to work hard for your earnings. Don’t think of our lower than average pricing as meaning low quality, look at it as we are a normal family not in the market for taking advantage of other hard working families. With that being said all Holeshot Family Racing Gear is nothing but the best. I expect fair pricing and top notch quality when I purchase something for my loved ones and that will be the ONLY quality we offer from Holeshot . I can not say THANK YOU enough for all the support that has been shown our way. We have so many great things in store this year so be on the look out!
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